​​Nowadays, digital media art is becoming increasingly important and can be integrated into all areas of life. Interactive video art installations have the potential to generate a high degree of interaction and attention or to touch viewers emotionally, as they are becoming active co-creators of the digital artwork themselves. 

WE ARE VIDEO’s vision is to inspire people through digital art and to provide fun, challenges and meditative relaxation with interactive installations.

Our interactive experiences can be integrated and used in agencies, showrooms, events, fairs, exhibitions or at home.

As a permanent installation or by the day, week or month for an event, they are easily bookable with a flat screen or beamer.


The combination of interactive technology and video art enables a playful exploration of a wide variety of topics. We create worlds according to your imagination to participate.

Easy to install with a sensor and LED screen or projector.

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reBound was inspired by a trip to the Google headquarters in Mountain View. It is an interactive version of the classic game Pong, with which you can play with your whole body. This ensures fun, challenge and relaxation during a long agency day or for team building. Bookable as a permanent installation or for an event.

Easy to install with LED screen or projector.

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