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Create your own mascot for the Football European Championship 2024 with our new, interactive art installation: URBAN ART BEAR 🐻

Bring your creativity to life and design your own URBAN ART BEAR via our microsite As a digital graffiti artist, you decide for yourself what your personal mascot should look like and where it will be located in Munich. We have already given you some beautiful, well-known Munich locations, such as the Bavaria Statue, the MUCA and Marienplatz.

On non-match days of the European Football Championship 2024, your artwork will be displayed in the Fan Zone on the large Theatron screen in the Olympic Park. However, you can create your bear from anywhere, giving you maximum flexibility.

This innovative, AI-based installation was developed especially for and with the Munich Art Lab (Kunstlabor München), where we have also been represented with our REBOUND installation for some time now. Our installation offers you the unique opportunity to create your own mascot for Euro 2024 and give it a personal touch. Your digital artwork will become part of this great sporting celebration and artistic expression.

But that’s not all: we will proudly present the most beautiful and creative creations on our social media and on our website. Dive into this creative adventure with our AI, let your imagination run wild and leave your artistic footprint on one of Europe’s biggest sporting events.

Click on the link and get started today! 🐻⚽️🏟️ Together we will make Euro2024 unforgettable and create one work of art after another.