INTERAKTIVE Installation

Playing with Math.

Immerse yourself in a world full of colors, shapes and movement with our interactive video installation “LIFT ME UP”. Simply control the action with a hand that moves back and forth over a sensor called Leap Motion, transforming the movements into fascinating visual experiences.

With each wave of your hand, you create a swirl of vibrant, shiny geometric figures that dance across the room and inspire your senses. From glowing spheres to colorful objects and twinkling stars, discover an infinite variety of shapes and colors to unleash your imagination.

Our installation is perfect for screens of all sizes, can be projected onto walls and offers an unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages.

Whether you dive in alone or with colleagues, friends and family, “LIFT ME UP” promises limitless fun and creative inspiration.

Experience the future of interactive art with “LIFT ME UP” – now on our website Get ready to take off!

Special features:

  • One or more persons at the same time
  • Space requirement approx. 8 square meters
  • Can be controlled by hand or with the body
  • Brings people together in a playful way
    Colors and backgrounds can be personalized
  • Can be played on a screen or projected


  • Dance the Gasteig / Gasteig Munich – June 2019
  • Art digital or digital art / Sonthofen – November 2022

Ready for the ultimate gaming experience? LIFT ME UP can be booked as a permanent installation or for an event.