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Our interactive installations can be easily booked as permanent installations or on a daily, weekly or monthly basis for events.



Ready for an unparalleled gaming experience? Dive into the world of REBOUND – the interactive video installation that takes community gaming to a whole new level! REBOUND is our first groundbreaking interactive video installation based on the classic Atari game PONG. But it’s not just about pressing buttons – it’s about using your whole body! Get into the game and steer the virtual ball forwards and backwards with your movements.

REBOUND gets you and your senses moving! Whether alone against the computer or in an exciting duel between two players – the fun is limitless! Challenge your colleagues or use our interactive installation as a relaxing break during an intensive working day.

Of course, the ball moves faster and faster from level to level and ends when one of the two players has five points.

Fun, challenge and relaxation – REBOUND offers everything you need for a perfect time-out!


Our installations are suitable for everyone and all ages: Whether beginner or professional. Team building, eye catchers with personalized backgrounds and relaxation – having fun together and strengthening the team.


  • Sacher Ingenieure / Munich – May 2019
  • Tanz den Gasteig / Gasteig Munich- June 2019
  • Tag der offenen Tür / Gärtnerplatztheater / Munich – September 2019
  • Herburg und Weiland / Archiv der Zukunft / Lichtenfels – July 2019 bis January 2020
  • Kunstlabor 2/ Munich – May – October 2022

Ready for the ultimate gaming experience? REBOUND can be booked as a permanent installation or for an event.