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Our interactive installations are easily bookable as permanent installations or by the day, week or month for events.


INTERACTIVE Installation

  • Cosmic Hive – May 2021

The combination of interactive technology and video art allows a playful exploration of a wide variety of topics. We create worlds according to your imagination to participate.
At the Cosmic Hive exhibition at PATHOS Munich in May and June 2021, visitors explored scientific phenomena through means of interactive video art. Their movements were captured by a sensor and translated live onto a room-wall-sized LED screen. Young and old alike created and controlled black holes on the screen with the mere movement of their hands and immersed themselves in the incomprehensible vastness of galaxies. Through interactivity, a visually appealing implementation and explanations around the topic, the visitors were invited to participate and playfully discover.

Bookable as a permanent installation or for an event.