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Our interactive installations are easily bookable as permanent installations or by the day, week or month for events.


INTERACTIVE Installation

Immerse yourself in the world of black holes.

The combination of interactive technology and video art enables a playful approach to a wide variety of topics.
We create worlds according to your ideas for learning and participation.

AZONIC was created as part of the Cosmic Hive exhibition in Munich in 2021 – an exhibition on the subject of black holes. AZONIC brings light into the darkness and was created to immerse people in the world of black holes. Visitors can explore scientific phenomena with interactive video art. Their movements are recorded with the help of a sensor and translated live onto an LED screen the size of a room wall.

Young and old alike can create and control black holes on the screen with the mere movement of their hands and immerse themselves in the incomprehensible vastness of galaxies. Through interactivity, a visually appealing implementation and explanations on the topic, visitors are invited to participate and playfully discover.


Our installations are suitable for everyone and all ages: Whether beginner or professional.

Whether as an eye-catcher, for participation or as a meditative relaxation object – AZONIC is a real eye-catcher everywhere and at every event.

Special features:

  • Multiple users at the same time
  • High learning factor
  • Space requirement approx. 8 square meters
  • controllable with the body
  • brings people together
  • Colors can be personalized


Cosmic Hive Exhibition / Munich – May 2021

Ready for the ultimate immersive experience? AZONIC can be booked as a permanent installation or for an event.