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Die Anschlaege von naechster Woche

Salzburger Landestheater / A-Salzburg 


In his play, Austrian author Thomas Arzt (*1983) explores structures of fear and their political instrumentalization, which can corrode society and individuals. In short episodes full of mistrust, manipulation and uncertainty, the audience observes how the protagonist gradually becomes radicalized. To create an atmospherically dense theater evening, director Christina Piegger relied on an elaborate video design. In addition to classical projections that formed the scenery, a three-dimensional space was created on stage for certain scenes with simultaneous rear and front projection. By means of perspective video mappings, elements in the stage set could thus be highlighted, moved and seemingly destroyed. Thanks to real-time rendering software, the scenes could be flexibly coordinated together with the stage direction.

Austrian premiere on 27.03.2022

Press comment: “Christina Piegger skillfully lets the stage characters maneuver between everyday conversation situations and completely unreal-seeming sceneries. The video technicians (the group We Are Video) work very effectively for her, especially in those group scenes that seem like an antique choir. For all the mysteriousness in the details, for all the crude improbability, a thriller with strong dramaturgical pull develops.” DrehPunktKultur