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House of Paper



Munich’s most beautiful and largest Papeterie – LUDWIG BECK – shines in new splendor after a complete renovation – more beautiful, bigger and with (digital) art!

In a very positive cooperation with the team of Breil+ Interior Design, the Papeterie has not only become a real eye-catcher, but with a large-scale video animation; a paper film by WE ARE VIDEO, it has got its own digital work of art in the newly designed premises and is one of the highlights of the newly designed 550 square meter Papeterie department on the fourth floor.

And those who like to write always think of paper, pens and fonts.

For WE ARE VIDEO’s new commissioned work for LUDWIG BECK, the artists dealt with precisely this theme – to create an art space for the newly designed stationery department, but also a product that can be seen as a work of art in its own right.

Inspired by the hit Spanish television series “La Casa de Papel”, a unique paper film was created for LUDWIG BECK, but without any paper at all. Each individual film scene was designed without a paper model using only a shooting board in 3D. 

The striking exterior façade of the famous traditional Munich house can be seen, as well as all kinds of things that can be purchased in a stationery store.

The viewers seem to fly through various rooms, across oversized office utensils such as fountain pens, blueprints and staples. At the end of the film, a white Nymphenburg swan appears, bathed in light effects like an origami crane.

The detailed film is a play of light and shadow and a treat for the eyes.

The “House of Paper” art installation, specially designed for LUDWIG BECK, can now be seen in the newly designed Papeterie on the fourth floor of the department store.


Client: Ludwig Beck

Partner: Breil+ Interior Design

Collaboration:, Philipp Kampmann