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Bau36 / Jena


Jenoptik, the technology group for optoelectronics, once again opened its doors for the Long Night of Science (LNDW2022) on November 25, 2022 in Jena (Thuringia). This year’s program included a variety of hands-on activities on the topic of light. For this, we were once again on hand together with the laser event company LEC GmbH as a partner of Jenoptik. Visitors to this year’s LNDW were able to try out our digital and light-based “Hau den Lukas” aka “HIT THE LIGHTS”, created especially for this project, and see their result in the form of a video mapping on the facade of the Ernst Abbe high-rise.

For the analog experience of the popular fairground attraction “Hau den Lukas” we designed a wooden box. Here, the hammer’s impact strength is measured with the help of a bolt and passed on to our interactive 3D game. Depending on the strength, different particle worlds and video content are passed on to the beamer and ejected onto the high-rise facade.

In the Jenoptik premises, visitors:inside were able to participate in our newly interpreted, interactive “Pong” game “REBOUND” with fun and movement.

Client: LEC Laser GmbH, Jenoptik AG