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Meditative play of colors.
OPTICAL FLOW is an interactive art installation based on successful previous installations such as VITRUM, FLORESCENT, SNJÓENGILL and REFUGIA and Dr. JART+ Launch.

The use of state-of-the-art technologies has created a digital habitat that is linked to organic movement patterns and can be actively influenced by visitors. An innovative AI (artificial intelligence) analyzes paintings, colors, shapes and structures of flowers or objects with which it has been trained. In this way, it illuminates the world of particles above it.

The result is a meditative spectacle that demonstrates the fusion of movement and creativity and offers an immersive experience that enchants all the senses.

The constantly changing elements of the installation captivate the viewers and allow them to directly influence the events through their movements – similar to a gentle breeze moving blades of grass.

OPTICAL FLOW also serves as a reflection on nature and our relationship to it. The installation invites visitors to reflect on the beauty of nature and their own place in it, as well as how everything is interconnected and influences each other.


Our installations are suitable for everyone and all ages: Whether beginner or professional.

Whether as an eye-catcher, to join in or as a meditative relaxation object – OPTICAL FLOW is a real eye-catcher everywhere and at every event.

Special features:

  • Several users at the same time
  • Meditative art object
  • Space requirement approx. 8 square meters
  • Can be controlled with the body
  • Brings people together
  • Colors can be personalized


  • Gasteig HP8 / Flower Power Festival / Munich – February 2023 – March 2024
  • Dr. Jart+ Launch / Julia Stoschek Foundation / Berlin – February 2024

Ready for the ultimate immersive experience? OPTICAL FLOW can be booked as a permanent installation or for an event.