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This artwork is a colorful spectacle. Millions of colored particles are propelled from a Kl-generated film. Through movement, these particles are artistically formed into a coral-like façade whose complexity is reminiscent of organic worlds.

This meditative video artwork is part of our VITRUM series.

The generative art installation VITRUM, was created on the occasion of the Open Monument Day in Munich’s Liebfrauendom in September 2022.

The inspiration for VITRUM was the material glass: glass is a unique building material that can refract light and show all its facets. It is not for nothing that architects and stained glass artists thought carefully hundreds of years ago about where it made sense to tint windows in order to create unique lighting moods in cathedrals and thus amaze visitors.

In the animation for VITRUM, we allow paintings to virtually melt away and be recreated again and again.

VITRUM – the generative video artwork can be purchased personalized including screen.