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Cosmic Hive


For two times four days, PATHOS was transformed into an experience space. At seven stations, the fascinating processes of cosmology were brought to life as a science experience with the help of virtual reality, video mappings, a mirror room, projections and interactive installations. Interactive, immersive and always very close to the physical facts, they put the entire wealth of multimedia forms of communication at the service of astrophysical education.
WE ARE VIDEO focused on interactivity with three of the installations. The visitors’ movements were recorded by sensors and transmitted live to screens and a large LED wall. The innovative artistic representations combined with state-of-the-art video technology made the galaxies accessible, the incomprehensible understandable and, above all, provided a lot of fun as visitors playfully immersed themselves in the world of science.

The exhibition was created in collaboration with Munich-based video artists Betty Mü and Nicole Popst and PATHOS MÜNCHEN.

Interactive installations

Immersive video art
Betty Mü

VR Experience
Nicole Popst