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interaktive Weihnachtsinstallation, Geschenke-Schnipper, Jena
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Decorate the city’s buildings with light.
“DECK THE WALLS” is an exclusive, interactive “hands-on” projection – a gift flick on a high-rise façade. People are invited to rethink traditional Christmas decorations. Using a smartphone, digital gifts can be shot onto a selected building façade via an individually created link. If a desired surface or target is hit online, the presents roll down the real facade of the building.

The interactive installation offers fun for the whole family – the online game can be played from anywhere – on the move or at home. This makes the installation a real joy far beyond the event period.

This interactive video installation combines traditional Christmas market elements with modern technology, creating a playful dimension and a unique combination of nostalgia and innovation. Moreover, it is more than a video installation, it is a participatory experience that connects the boundaries between smartphone and reality and allows guests to actively participate in the artistic process.

“DECK THE WALLS” is not only a visual sensation, but also an innovative example of the combination of art, technology and interaction.


Our installations are suitable for everyone and all ages: Whether beginner or professional. Whether as an eye-catcher or to join in – “DECK THE WALLS” is a real eye-catcher everywhere and at every event.

Special features:

  • Multiple users at the same time
  • Brings people together
  • Objects can be personalized
  • Requires dark lighting conditions


The colors and 3D elements can be adapted to your occasion and facade.

Thanks to the simple operation, users can participate in the design of the desired façade from their own device and from anywhere.