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The digital high striker.
“HIT ME” is the digital and light-based version of the analog experience of the popular fairground attraction “high striker”. A special wooden box was designed and manufactured for this, in which the strength of the hammer’s blow is measured with the help of a pin and passed on to the interactive 3D game. Depending on the strength, different particles and video content are transmitted to a projector or a screen.

A modified version of our digital “Hau den Lukas” (high striker) can be operated with a buzzer. The installation is particularly suitable for openings and celebrations. With the help of a high-performance projector, entire building facades can be projected with individualized 3D elements.


Our installations are suitable for everyone and all ages: Whether beginner or professional. Whether as an eye-catcher, for participation or as company branding – HIT ME is a real game changer at any event.

Special features:

  • Unlimited number of participants
  • Adaptable to LED walls, screens and projectors
  • Customizable input possible
  • Logo integration possible


HIT ME can be customized with 3D elements to suit the occasion and inspire customers, advertising partners or sponsors.

Thanks to its simple operation, this installation is ideal for an event with many people, as no extensive explanations are necessary. This video installation can be booked as a permanent installation or for an event.