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Die Nashoerner

Freie Buehne Muenchen / Digital


How do you make theater in the days of Corona, when neither the ensemble could get together nor a play could be performed live in front of an audience? Completely digitally! During the rehearsals and the performances, the nine actors* of Freie Bühne München were connected via webcams from their respective homes and transferred to a digital stage where they could play and perform together. They performed in front of and with their camera against a black background. At the same time, they could watch themselves and the others on a monitor. By means of a video mask, a preview of the final piece could also be seen there. Thus, it was suddenly possible to check one’s own play live and to adapt it to that of the other actors and the digital environment. The stage setting – the city in which Eugène Ionesco’s “The Rhinos” is set – was digitally visualized for this purpose. The program Notch then made it possible to insert the live images from the nine webcams into the pre-programmed environment in real time. 

The piece was streamed live on YouTube on October 9 and 10, 2020.