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DR. VON haunersches kinderspital / MUNICH


REFUGIA is an interactive art installation based on the previous installations VITRUM and FLORESCENT.

Based on the experience gained that children in particular react to the colors and interactivity of these installations, this project was explicitly designed for the “Dr. von Haunersche Children’s Hospital” in Munich.

Through the targeted placement in the entrance area or waiting room, the colorful and artistically sophisticated work of art is intended to touch the hearts of the children in the clinic.

In addition, we not only want to challenge young and old patients in a playful way, but also offer a distraction while they wait for the necessary treatment.

Explanation of word origin

REFUGIA – from the Latin refugium = place of refuge; also conservation area, are generally habitats to which living organisms retreat because survival in their original habitats is difficult for various reasons. As soon as the external or internal influences have regulated themselves again, the creatures emerge from the refugial spaces and recolonize the area so that the ecosystem is restored.

We would like to make this metaphor of a place within a refuge the eponym of our installation, because a clinic is always a refuge where health is restored in the best case. External influences, such as a beautiful environment in the waiting room, can be conducive to recovery.

We would like to thank the “Dr. von Haunersche Children’s Hospital”, Prof. Dr. Klein, the Care-for-Rare-Foundation and the generous donor for making this work possible.