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Dr. Jart+ Launch Germany



For the product launch of Dr. Jart+ Cicapair in Germany, which took place at the Julia Stoschek Foundation in Berlin, two interactive installations were created that transported not only the vibe of the product and the brand but also much more guests into a world of play and natural beauty during the Dr. Jart+ launch.

Firstly, REBOUND – our interactive version of the classic game Pong was given a jungle look with a tiger face for the Dr. Jart+ edition.

In addition, another impressive interactive installation was presented on a triptych. It was based on our tried-and-tested classics VITRUM and FLORESCENT and was presented here in a new guise.

Here, guests had the opportunity to move green particles in the Dr. Jart+ edition, which moved smoothly on the jungle background. The striking tiger face dominated here too, and visitors were invited into an immersive experience that reflected the Dr. Jart+ brand in all its beauty and creativity.